Swami's North India Tour 2017
10 October – 24 October 2017
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Please note:  You must read and understand the following terms & conditions prior to booking the tour.

Booking: A deposit of $1500 per person is to be included with the signed booking form.  We will confirm your booking only once full payment has been made.N.B: Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payment: All payments should be made payable to Sarasvati International.  It may be made by cash, cheque, Visa Card, Mastercard, Bankcard, bank transfer or Eftpos. Credit card extra 2.5% surcharge. International Flights: The tour departs from your capital city to Delhi.
Cancellations & Refunds:  No refunds will be provided for cancellations.

Travel Insurance is mandatory.

Cancellation by Sarasvati International:  If there are too few people booked on the tour, we reserve the right to cancel the tour at any time.  In which case the amount paid will be fully refunded.

Health & Insurance:  It is compulsory for all travelers to be in good physical and mental health.  You must be able to carry your own luggage.  It is also a condition of the tour that each passenger obtains an appropriate standard of travel insurance which covers him/her for the duration of the tour, in case of the following: medical emergency, illness, death, loss of baggage or other personal items, cancellations and/or curtailment of the journey.  Your doctor must be consulted prior to departure to ensure that you have the correct vaccinations.

Possible Changes or Delays: A number of factors may affect our planned itinerary. While we make every effort to operate according to plan, Sarasvati International reserves the right to alter the itinerary at short notice in the interests of the traveller, the local people or the environment.  All photographs and descriptions used in the itinerary are guides only.

Tour Cost: The cost of the tour is based on current currency exchange rates.  While considerable care has been taken in preparing this brochure circumstances may necessitate changes in the itinerary and prices.  This includes adjustment for airline/ airport surcharges and international exchange rate fluctuations. The fare is based on an exchange A$1 =INR40.

Your Responsibilities: When booking with Sarasvati International, I am aware that the proposed tour, in addition to the usual inherent dangers and risks, may have certain additional dangers and risks. These may include physical exertion, weather extremes and remoteness from normal medical and emergency services.  I acknowledge that the enjoyment, excitement and personal development potential (being the reasons for my participation) are derived in part from its inherent risks.  I accept all the risks of the proposed tour and the possibility of personal injury, illness, death, property damage or loss resulting from my participation.  If any of these do occur I agree that the tour guides may on my behalf and at my cost make necessary arrangements that they consider appropriate.   I also agree that Sarasvati International P/L is not liable for any such occurrence.

Declaration: I declare that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms, conditions and responsibilities below. I am physically/mentally able to participate in this tour.  I will be able to carry my own luggage
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